Candidate 5



Sales assistant (month)

Description: I had to be on time at work, be patient with the clients. I had to speak in English language most of the time because the popularity of the clients was British.

Summer school (month)

Description: The particular summer school took place in a hotel in Limassol and the students who participated were from other counties in order to get some English lessons. They had their English lessons during morning hours and in the afternoon it was my job with other people to make some activities for them. Those students were Italians and Russians and we communicate with the English language. That summer it was determined for me. I was speaking almost all day in English. This was helped to have fluency later at the university. Also I learn about different cultures and I m

Nursery school (month)

Description: During the summer period I was looking after children between 2-4 years old and sometimes smaller in the afternoon hours. According to my future plans I wanted to be in a place with children so I can figure all I learn the last year of my degree. Also I was in a classroom and I manage to speak and to interact with children.

Real Estate- secretary (3 months)

Description: Administrative duties. I leave this job because he could not pay me. I was arranging meetings and did some bookkeeping.

Boutique- assistant (6 months)

Description: I was working part-time (morning hours) and it was my responsibility to open the shop, make a quick cleaning and refreshing the area. Also I was helping people to choose the right clothes for them. However, usually they were English or Russian and I had to deal with them speaking in English to communicate. I had to answering the phone and control the stock from a computer.


MBA Degree

MA International Education at Birmingham City University.

I had study BSc Hons Psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Languages: English and Greek